Do you know that Brother, Baby Lock, Bernina Deco or Simplicity sewing machines can use cards of up to 1 Megabyte in memory size (approximately 450,000 stitches)? 128 Kilobyte Brother type blank cards hold about 55,000 stitches.
Do you know that Viking/Husqvarna, Pfaff and Artista 200 sewing machines can read about 260,000 stitches from a single card? While Viking, Pfaff and Artista type cards hold only 130,000 stitches.


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Ultimate Card FAQ
Ultimate Box FAQ



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The Ultimate Card DECO 330 FAQ
for Bernina Deco 330 Sewing Machines





Is the Ultimate card for Deco 330 the same as Ultimate Card III?


No, it is not. Both cards have the same physical size, but only the card that is marked Deco 330 will work.


Can I use Ultimate card for Deco 330 in Pfaff or Artista 200?


No, you cannot.


Is the Ultimate Box II the only read/write box that will write embroidery designs to Ultimate Card for Deco 330?


Yes, it is. The card will not work in Amazing/Magic/Bernina boxes.


Can the Ultimate card for Deco 330 be used with other embroidery machines?


Yes, it works in Deco 340 and older Artista 180/165 machines.


I select Bernina 180 from format selection drop-down. After the card is written, my machine doesn’t read the card. What should I do?


Bernina embroidery machines may be programmed with different versions of Firmware. Some versions of this Firmware may interfere with the data written to the Ultimate card. If the machine does not read designs on the card:

1.    Re-write the card in the Ultimate box.

2.    Slide the Write Protect switch on the card to “ON” and put it into the embroidery machine.

3.    Turn Write Protect “OFF” before writing new designs to the card.

The procedure above has been tested on Deco 330/340 and older Artista 180/165 machines.

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